April 2021 – Enjoy the Gardens Blossom

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Become One with Nature

Do you like gardens? Well, do consider reading on if you do....

Gardens have always been part of the human experience. Its creativity is always reflective of the civilization of the time.

And it's springtime. Tis the season now, to be receptive to the blossoming of spring! And how nature just loves to show it's beautiful growth after a long winter rest.

Maybe you have a garden or you know someone who has a garden. Or you have been to a garden. Gardens are so uplifting.

Let us be grateful of our garden experiences.

The community Spirit Garden that lives nearby me, is an example of a garden that nourishes its community, people included.

On the left, you will see a picture of one of two 'bee hotels'. They are designed to attract friendly bees. 🌿 🐝 🍯 🌿

As this garden develops through more garden work from its community volunteers, it is being groomed to provide a safe haven for all who can respect its offerings.

I hope you have lots of garden inspiration this springtime. It's certainly a wonderful way to relax. To become one with nature is something Virtueberry has always been part of. Wishing you lots of good time connecting with quality nature this season. 🌿

Peace & Love

πŸ’š Virtueberry


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  1. Nancy Hack
    | Reply

    Hi Sarah,
    Nice work, I would love to visit the bee hotels.

    • Sarah
      | Reply

      Thank you. This is the bee oriented sanctuary’s first year! πŸ’–πŸŒΏπŸ

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