Facials & Exfoliation

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Thankful for Virtueberry Fans 💕🙏 It’s always wonderful to hear encouragement from beautiful people. And the compliments Virtueberry received this July was so lovely and appreciated. Thank you to all you beautiful people 🙏💕🤗  A lovely client explained the rare … Read More

Charity, Philanthropy, and Local Business💛

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Charity is the act of giving in the form of monetary donations, resources, to volunteering. Whereas philanthropy uses the acts of charity but continues going forward in a strategic structure (business), considering the long term, in regards to the root … Read More

Post Covid – A Renaissance?

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🌷  🌷  🌷 The lockdown of 2020 has been difficult yet also providing new opportunities to many. This blog post will hopefully bring you some uplifting and encouraging spirit into your life. Further, this post will be a reflective piece on … Read More

Healing Matcha 💞🍵💚

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What is Matcha?  🍵🍵🍵 Matcha is a nourishing powder of green tea leaves that people enjoy as a drink (and also enjoy in their skincare) around the world today. However, contrary to what people may think of Matcha being a … Read More

What is beauty and wellness?

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Beauty & Wellness is craftsmanship, and so is Culture   Issue 4 – October 2020 I hope your October is going safe and well♥. This month’s blog post is going to touch upon a subject that may stir up some good memories … Read More

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