Matcha Mud Scrub

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Experience this refreshing, toning, anti-aging, brightening scrub for face and body.

Fun tip: try a facemask, and when it is time to remove it, use some water and this scrub (or another Virtueberry scrub) and apply to your face, washing off the mask, giving your skin an extra boost in your beauty skin care regime, with exfoliation and hydration benefits.

Your amazing Matcha comes from Japan and is sourced from a wonderful local Matcha store in Victoria, BC, Canada. Check out JustMatcha.

Made in Victoria, BC with love.
250 ml. Free shipping atm in Canada and USA






Ethically sourced, child labour-free pink Himalayan crystal salt, JUST MATCHA matcha, aloe vera, Kangen beauty water (water from highly regarded celebrity water filter system), grapeseed oil, pure and healing essential oils, includes stress relieving pettigrain oil and skin healing palmarosa (Turkish geranium).

*Can be custom made without 
essential oils upon request.



Use this exfoliating and moisturizing Matcha Mud Scrub in the shower or bath. Apply to your face and body to wash away impurities and obtain a healthy glow.

How to use the facial scrub:

Apply before or after cleansing, or after a face mask treatment. Gently apply a small amount on wet skin and lightly scrub. Rinse, and notice how your skin is now on its way to a fresher, brighter, younger look. You can apply a cleanser after, or skip and go right to a light moisturizer. Can apply as a facial scrub a few times in the month.

How to use the body scrub: 

Gently apply exfoliating salt scrub to hands and body, including legs and feet. Great to use on skin after after gardening to remove dirt. Can apply salt scrub daily on body.

We recommend enjoying your all-natural salt scrub within four months after opening for optimal quality and freshness. If you find that it does not agree with your skin somehow, discontinue use.

3 reviews for Matcha Mud Scrub

  1. Quinn Park

    I love the Matcha Mud Scrub! My partner likes it too.

    I don’t like scents that are too flowery, and the scent is not too overbearing.

    It makes me feel refreshed and revitalized!

  2. Tianda Harris

    I have sensitive skin and typically stay away from harsh skin products that are highly scented. Virtue Berry is simple the best. I use it on my face and body- my skin always feels so soft and refreshed after using it. I’ve definitely noticed a skin glows now! I also recommend the scrub to wash strong scents off your hands after cooking… I’ve used it after chopping garlic and it takes away the scent. I’ve only tried the matcha so far and have ordered it again, but am trying the lemon next and can’t wait.

  3. Ellen Y

    I was so fortunate to receive the Matcha Mud Scrub at my baby shower. As a green tea lover, this scrub is amazing! The earthy scent of the Matcha is very pleasant. The colour of the product is gorgeous. I am almost 8 months pregnant and the exfoliation feels so nice on my growing itchy baby bump. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and pampered!

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