Behind the scenes is Sarah Annalise, a young and new entrepreneur, who won a scholarship to New York City in 2016, to further develop Virtueberry. She was influenced at places like the Brooklyn home of Ariel Tian, principal of Yun Boutique, a jewelry designer for celebrities, and by special times with other professionals in Manhattan and the surrounding area of NY. This encouraged her to further develop a quality beauty salt scrub brand on many levels; to share her beauty and wellness values of helping people to relax and rejuvenate in this chaotic and busy modern world, and to create true beauty in a salt scrub for others to experience.

With a background in herbology, psychology, and working in skin care for the last decade, she has chosen to work holistically with healing salts, like carefully sourced Himalayan pink salt from Salt of Life (SOL), fine sea salts, and Antarctic salts, as well as uplifting aromatherapy essential oils, and celebrity water sources, like Kangen beauty water. She is dedicated to finding the best solutions for problem skin, and natural approaches to anti-aging.

In her spare time, Sarah Annalise enjoys time keeping in touch with friends, and meeting new people. She also enjoys cooking, learning new things, and traveling. Everyday, she carves some time out to practice meditation, and has been practicing the spiritual meditation practice of Falun Dafa since 2008, which helps her listen to her heart, and be inspired to do new works of art, innovating beauty and wellness products. Creating things of value for others makes her happy. She is determined to forever make salt scrubs that care for people and the planet, with love and beauty forever. She wishes for you to try a salt scrub. Others who have tried them and continue to support Virtueberry say wonderful things.

You can purchase Virtueberry salt scrubs for yourself, or your loved ones, from our online store. Free shipping is included in North America at present. Virtueberry also offers custom orders upon request. Please contact to stay in touch.