Peonies and Q&A | Summer 2022

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June is peony season (here on Vancouver Island). A season of summer beauty. 🀎 Enjoy this post on this beautiful flower, and feel free to check out last June's blog post: "Peonies-the Queen of Flowers". Also, this blog post introduces a lighthearted Q&A. Read on to hear from a lovely Virtueberry supporter's answers to a few summer fun questions. πŸŒΏπŸŒΈπŸ«–


It's always wonderful to know that this flower grows back every year-a perennial with such folklore. Such a flower can return to one's garden for years.

The history of the peony flower dates back to Ancient China and Europe.

One of the oldest peony flowers has been blooming for 400 years in Taiyuan.

This flower is known as a herbal healer for many issues when you harvest the root. 🌿

A garden in Victoria, June 2022.
American Peony 2022. Courtesy of Fascinating Womanhood 🌸

🌿 Light Q&A - Summer 2022 🌿


Light Q&A asks questions that are of a light nature. Enjoy!

Andrea Adino is a long-time fan & lovely supporter of Virtueberry, as well as all things beautiful and fun in life! Here is the short and light interview with Andrea.

Q1: The flowers are in bloom. What are your favourite flowers?

A1: Tulips and Hydrangea (pink and purple tones).


Q2: Now that the summer is here, what are your favourite things to do this season?

A2: To relax, read a book, soak up some sun, walk through gardens and spend time at the beach. Also creating new memories with friends and family over food or listening to live music.

 Q3: What is your favourite Virtueberry salt scrub, and why?

A3: The lemon salt scrub is my all-time favorite!! I've tried them all but I just love the invigorating lemon smell. It instantly calms me and puts me in a good mood. I love how the scrub feels on my skin!

Q4: In the realm of beauty and wellness, what would you like to see more of in our world today? 

A4: For people to appreciate, accept and love themselves. More than ever I feel it's so important to be authentic and honest. Embrace your unique body/skin and embrace who you are!


An ocean-inspired ceiling ✨ Sea salt with shells built into a wooden ceiling of a Vancouver home, was designed by Sanina. Courtesy of Sanina.
This peony photo is from a Polish lady's IG. Peony luxury and elegance in a teacup! Obviously, drink the root for the herbal benefits. Use the flower for bath or decor purposes. ✨

Peony White Tea


I wanted to give special thanks to Vicky's amazing tea business, where the ancient tea trees in an unpolluted part of China are harvested after special care and blessings are given, and as a proud and ethical Chinese-Canadian tea company, I highly recommend if you want to drink some of the best tea on the planet to try some TanLong Tea!

Here is a link to some Peony White Teas (good quality white tea, that leaves you with feelings of pure harmony and refreshment):




Chinese peonies. From a poem blog.

All the peony photos in this blog post were taken this June 2022~

Left - American Peony 2022. Courtesy of πŸ‘‰πŸ» Fascinating Womanhood 🌸 | Middle photo - Beach inspired-themed floor, designed by Sanina. | Right - Vancouver Island Peony 2022. πŸ’• Courtesy of Kails.

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  1. Carole
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    This blog is like breathing Beauty.
    Light and inspiring Q&A. Great photos.
    & I love Sanina’s beach inspired designs.
    Great way to start the summer !

    • Sarah
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      Thank you ✨

  2. Nova
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    I love peonies. My favourite!

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