🦚 Peacocks 🦚 Noticing the Good, Fall 2023

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This Fall's blog post is about cherishing the good in the world, which includes observing two peacocks on a date, and this bird's symbolic meaning. 🦚

"Give thanks for unknown blessings that are already on the way."


-Yogi Tea

Nature brings so many blessings, unexpectedly, to brighten our lives.

Reminders of the good in the world take many shapes and forms from nature. Like the realm of birds, specifically the peacock.


On a beautiful fall day, these lovely peacocks were in deep conversation, when they got their photos taken at their current home, at Royal Roads.


Their adorable interaction is a reminder of how peaceful interactions can happen in the world.

Another wonderful reminder about the good in the world that the peacock brings to humanity, is its symbolism, emphasizing beauty and dignity.

Many other cultures shed light on this bird's rich meaning, giving it an enlightened position.

According to a Buddhist perspective, "peacocks are able to eat poisonous plants and fruits considered toxic to humans. As a result, Buddhists believe the peacock symbolizes one’s ability to take in the β€œpoisons” of life while still continuing on the path towards enlightenment. With their fanned feathers, peacocks are also a sign of spiritual openness and acceptance."

You can read other spiritual perspectives of this glorious creature here.

In summary, there are so many ways to notice the good in these dark and unsteady times. Let us remember the beautiful and enlightening moments in our lives, with the help of the peacock.


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    So beautiful. I love the image of the little girl with the glowing lotus flower in her hands.

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