April 2022 – Artisan Self Care Box™️

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Virtueberry for Mamas et al. 2022

Artisan Self Care Box™️ for Mamas & Housewives, Professionals & Students

This is a special blog post dedicated to Virtueberry's second baby shower, which took place this April 2022.

A few local businesses run by females/familes in town were included in a baby shower artisan box for an expecting Mama. This Artisan Self Care Box™️ concept was designed by Virtueberry. Thank you to all the local business ladies that came together to make this box possible. See the end of this blog post for more details. 

Babyshower 2022 - A Young Mama Receives Her Favourite Virtueberry Salt Scrubs And Some Amazing Products

"Hello, World!" - this is not Virtueberry's first baby shower.

This is the 2nd baby shower in the history of Virtueberry. 🥳 🤎

Codi's IG @ Super.duchess


This April, a new wife and an expecting Mama celebrated her first baby shower. 🐣

Virtueberry put together a self-care box for her, with a few glorious, local business sourced, products.


We originally met in art history class, back in college, and we both appreciated fine art and craftsmanship, as well as studied for our final exams together.

Now, fast-forward, Virtueberry was invited to Codi's first baby shower some years later. 🌿🕯✨ This event was a special occasion to honor a beautiful friend and supporter of the specially designed salt scrubs by Virtueberry, but also a few other quality and good local businesses.


One sentence that sums up how this young Mama feels about her Virtueberry Salt Scrub is this:

"Feeling like a pampered queen!"

Another lady who later experienced the joys of having a fresh organic, Virtueberry salt scrub in her home after this event, made the comment:

"So lovely" ... "I smell so good! Haha."

Artisan Self Care Box™️

Here is what was inside the Artisan Self Care box © (for expecting Mamas):

Virtueberry Salt Scrub Favourite ($60)

Salt of Life ($40)

JustMatcha Gold ($32)

Rarity Fashion Dress ($74)

2 Cards, one written for the expecting Mama, and the other, for the baby ($8)

Be Inspired!

This box is worth $214 in value. Virtueberry's Artisan Self Care Box™️ concept includes individually chosen products for a baby shower or other occasions, like birthdays, or just overall a self-care box for oneself or another.

If this self-care box speaks to you, reach out via e-mail, phone, or the IG account, and request your heart's desired products.

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  1. Nancy
    | Reply

    What a lucky mom-to-be!And lucky baby! Nicely done girls, keep up the beauty work.
    Love Nan

    • Sarah
      | Reply

      Thanks Nancy 🙏

  2. Abby
    | Reply

    Beautiful, what a nice treat for the soon-to-be mom!

    • Sarah
      | Reply

      Yes… So true! ✨

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