Charity, Philanthropy, and Local Business💛

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What is Charity? Philanthropy? 💞

Charity is the act of giving in the form of monetary donations, resources, to volunteering. Whereas philanthropy uses the acts of charity but continues going forward in a strategic structure (business), considering the long term, in regards to the root causes of social issues and how to solve it. Both are important in elevating the human flourishing in society. This blog post reflects briefly upon last year's charity at Fashion Splash 2020, plus some philosophical reflections on happiness and also history.

While Fashion Splash was raising money for charity, it was also, on another level, supporting the philanthropy work of Victoria Women’s Transition House Society (VWTHS). Consequently, this gave them a voice at the fashion show. VWTHS advocated their mission which “collaborates, advocates and educates to address and prevent intimate partner violence and abuse of women and children through supportive shelter, housing, counselling and other community-based services.” Virtueberry felt grateful to have this humble opportunity to support the legacy of VWTHS's philanthropy work through the silent auction at Fashion Splash 2020. In this article, you will find:

  • Community: Fashion Splash 2020 - thank yous
  • Philosophy: Information on Charity and Happiness
  • Self Care: A Practical Self Care: DIY Foot Soak.

Fashion Splash Thank Yous 🙏

Thinking back to last February 2020, it was the month Fashion Splash brought a small community together in Victoria, BC, and for a good cause. Thinking back, right before our lockdown, it was a unique experience to serve in a supporting role as the silent auction Coordinator. I helped support this small island local event by gathering donations from local businesses (including tea businesses like Special Teas-they have delicious organic and natural blends), sponsors, and our local bank (Coast Capital Savings). The local businesses would donate their products or services to be bid upon by our guests, with the proceeds going to support Victoria’s Women Transition House Society. It was an overall successful event. And I want to give thanks to those who participated in this event. 

Thank you to Joseph, for his visionary leadership in Victoria’s business community, where he has a gift of envisioning how small local businesses (including artisans) can partake in a local charity that supports the wellbeing of women, through his creation of Fashion Splash. Thank you to the local charity, the Women’s Transition House Society (WTHS), whom we partnered with. Thank you to the local models (and their family & friends support), clothing designers, makeup artists, and volunteers in helping with the smooth functioning of the event, which many participants enjoyed. Special thanks to my silent auction mentor, Marilyn. Thanks to Wendy, Joseph’s wife, for organizing the Silent Auction table, in perfect fashion. Thank you to the community who bought tickets and came to have a good time, enjoying the food and drinks and socialized. Thank you for bidding upon beautiful local business items, to some generous donation gifts from some our kind community members (special thanks to Anne). So grateful to be able to connect with you all. Thank you. 💛🥂

Virtueberry donated a Himalayan Rose Salt Scrub along with Salt of Life’s Himalayan bath salt mixes in a lovely basket. So wonderful that a German Canadian fellow put in a highest bid for this salt spa themed basket to gift to his wife. What a compliment!

Charity ☯️

Compassion: Altruism Increases Happiness💛

Courtesy of Epoch Times journalist (who's been involved in charity work in India) Venus on Instagram.

“The word philanthropy, from the Greek philanthropia, simply meant love of mankind. The meaning of the word has evolved over time, but from the earliest days, human civilization has depended upon kindness directed towards strangers.” -National Philanthropic Trust

Overtime, philanthropy (whether the good or bad practice of it) appeared in ancient cultures such as of ancient Greeks and Chinese. If, as the Chinese philanthropists believed, their acts of charity was an expression of benevolence, and the Greeks, a reflection of democracy, then, can we also call such an act, done with a righteous heart, altruism?

Why I ask, is because of some reflections gained from a book I finished this month-Happiness: A Guide to Developing Life's Most Important Skill by Matthieu Ricard-recommended through a conversation I had with a friend. 💛 Thank you! In brief, here is an excerpt from the Buddhist Monk's book:


In many studies and evidence collected in today’s medical field, on the effects of certain states of being, Matthieu Ricard writes:

Compassion, the very act of feeling concern for other people’s wellbeing, appears to be one of the positive emotions, like joy and enthusiasm. This corroborates the research of psychologists, showing that the most altruistic members of a population are also those who enjoy the highest sense of satisfaction in life. ...The joys of altruism. What does altruism have to do with happiness? A series of studies conducted on hundreds of  students found an undeniable correlation between altruism and happiness, determining those who believed themselves to be happiest are also the most altruistic. When we are happy, the feeling of self importance is diminished, and we are more open to others. It has been shown, for instance, that people who have experienced a happy event in the past hour, are more inclined than others to come to the assistance of strangers. …The Buddhist perspective which holds that selfishness to be main cause of suffering and altruistic love to be the essential ingredient of true happiness” (Chapter 17, Happiness and Altruism).

He also wrote a lovely blog post to us all, on March 17th, 2020.

At the end of this article, you will find a wonderful self care DIY recipe for a Foot Soak at the bottom of this blog post. Check it out and be inspired!

And in closing, I wish everyone a safe March. 🙏💗 To all new and old compassionate readers, stay lovely, and stay safe! 🎊💗

All pictures in this blog a courtesy of Pixabay, unless otherwise captioned

The stone candle light holder to the left, looked lovely and serene. It's called "Original Ore European Candlestick Creative Nordic Aroma American Western Wedding Candle" from Lady Yard.. I discovered this photo on Pinterest.


Now time for some at home self care inspiration.🌿

Self Care DIY Tip - Foot Soak - February 2021🌿💛

One of my aunties does this foot soak ritual, where you add warm water and add several drops of tea tree essential oil to a basin. It is a good self care ritual, that helps purify your feet (and is an excellent way to take care of your feet, whether you do your own nails or not). This helps prevent alot of health issues, as feet taken care of is not just an act of beauty, but also wellbeing. Tea tree essential oil is like baking soda, which is beneficial for many things, for body and home.

Some Tea Tree essential Oil Benefits include:

  • anti-bacterial
  • anti-fungal
  • anti-inflammatory
  • antiviral
  • acne

Naturally, people have loved using their Virtueberry body salt scrub with a pumice stone to remove dry, dead skin on their feet (some have used the lavender and tea tree [custom orders made by Virtueberry salt scrubs for you] during their foot soak). Give it a try.👼🏼🌿

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