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Finally Fall 2020Β - Rosehips! - A BEAUTY SECRET (see below)

I hope you all are taking good care during these uncertain times and cherishing yourselvesβ™₯ as well as othersβ™₯.Β 

First, a special thanks to Andrea Hayley-Sankaran, for inspiration to write this blog post! I had originally wanted to write this month's blog on rosehips. However, there was quite a bit of adversity ontop of things, including experiencing the choking smoke from US forest fires that lasted weeks, and some other dramas from other sources as well. This left me feeling anything but focused and positive about making breakthroughs, like continuing on with this blog. However, Andrea's rosehip photos that you can see on Instagram, enlightened me to reach out to her for support. Now, that I am back to being able to breathe again-both physically and psychologically-I can share some good news here with you.

I also wanted to thank the other ladies involved in this blog post. Another wonderful human being, Ariel Yve, who quotes a very important benefit of salt scrubs, thank you for sharing your awareness about how such products can make us feel better, especially on an energetic level. I want to thank Betty Norton, who continues to share her love and wisdom of the natural world with those on Vancouver Island, including on Virtueberry blogs. Finally, one of the reasons why I am back to blogging (since I posted first in 2018 but then left it) is because of a friend who planted the idea of doing this endeavour months ago during the lockdown (thanks Abby!) but also finishing a 6 week intensive online digital marketing course with Alacrity Canada. So grateful.

Hope you enjoy what this blog has to offer; from the lovely rosehip pictures that Andrea captured in Scarsdale, New York, to the advice Betty shares on what you can do today with rosehips, and more.Β 


Salt scrubs are a phenomenal way to clear one's energy field! –Ariel Yve, Santa Barbara, California


Why Rosehips Are A Beauty Secret


Roses shed their petals at the end of every summer. And they leave us with big and beautiful rosehips for the early fall season, which we can harvest for our wellbeing.

Rosehip Oil is made from rosehips, and used in beauty products.

Virtueberry uses Rosehip Oil in its salt scrubs and many other beauty products do so as well. Why? Because they have 2 important benefits.


Rosehips in Scarsdale, NY, September 2020,
Courtesy of Buttered Veg Blogger & Ayurvedic Chef,
Andrea Hayley-Sankaran:

Rosehip oil benefits include:

  1. Anti-Aging
  2. Anti-Inflammatory (heals scars)


When I was in college...

I remember a lady came into the store I use to work at during college, where I helped others choose the right beauty products for their needs and wants. She had scarring and acne, and choose the bottle of Rosehip Oil that I suggested her to try with her skincare regime. A few weeks later, she came back to the store because her skin had improved to a clear and beautiful complexion. She thanked me and got more Rosehip Oil.

The beauty power of Rosehip Oil makes sense, as backed up by real life experience as well as by Medical News Today.

- Fun Fact -Β  Royalty uses Rosehip Oil too:Β  Kate Middleton

Rosehips to Eat

Rosehips are not just good for external purposes, they are good for internal ones as well. Betty shared that rosehips can be eaten raw or dried, as long as the seeds are taken out. High in vitamin C and kid friendly, she puts the dried seedless berries for her family in granola, cookies, and crisps.

FYI: Betty has 2 spots left for students this fall season for her Herbology classes.

Rosehips in Scarsdale, NY, September 2020,
Courtesy of Buttered Veg Blogger & Ayurvedic Chef, Andrea Hayley-Sankaran


Virtueberry uses Rosehip Oil, in its organic products for their beauty benefits...


Himalayan Rose Salt Scrubs

Olive Oil Salt Scrubs


Check out another product that is made with Rosehip Oil and Roses that Virtueberry recommends:Β 


Please support ethical business and use this affiliate link to Ausganica (click on either the picture of Rose Skincare below or the title above), with whom Virtueberry has decided to collaborate with, due to the quality of rose products that are cruelty free made:

Cruelty Free, Rose and Rosehip Beauty Products

Update on Rosehips...


Venus Upadhayaya is an international reporter for The Epoch Times, and currently she is on assignment in the Himalayas.Β She is a fan of my blog posts and shared with me a photo of Himalayan Rosehips! Thank you, Venus! I have learned so much about your visit over there! The Himalayas-a place where monks use to reside, in order to focus on completing their enlightenment quests in the past. However, today it's a land where war tensions between China and India are brewing. Despite the strange times we live in, thankfully, some good culture remains!Β 

Himalayan Rosehips, October 2020.
Courtesy of journalist, writing on the South Asia and International Affairs at NTD India,
Venus Upadhayaya.


Speaking of good culture that remains, last October, the month after I completed college, I was surprised with a graduation gift to Europe, and experienced some amazing culture there, including Austria's Vienna! I was blessed to have the opportunity to literally smell the roses in one of their rose gardens.

What is funny about this experience of being in the Viennese rose gardens, since it is open to the public, other tourists where taking pictures nearby where I posed. There were certainly more people than what this picture shows!

I will be writing more this month about Europe and also Virtueberry's mission to share beauty and wellness inspiration with others. Stay tuned!




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  1. Emily
    | Reply

    Thanks for sharing your tips on using rosehips:) I want to try them out!

  2. Nancy
    | Reply

    Thank you sweet girl for your rose oil scrub, it is divine and makes me dream of my next adventure to the β€˜Festival of Roses’ in Morocco.

    • Sarah
      | Reply

      You are so welcome, Nancy! πŸ™πŸŒΉ I can’t wait to hear about your Morocco Rose Festival experience someday! So lovely!

  3. Marilyn
    | Reply

    I have lots of rose bushes in my new garden. I look forward to using them in recipes. Thanks for information and links.

    • Sarah
      | Reply

      You’re welcome! I am happy to hear how your new and beautiful garden has an abundance of roses. That’s very inspiring. Looking forward to hearing how your recipes go. πŸ’•πŸ₯€πŸŒΏ

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