Surprise! Her Salt Beauty Secrets Revealed…

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Photo courtesy of Luna, 2018 (left). Lavender Salt Scrub (right). Post on Instagram

In my early 20s, I came to awaken to the healing power of salt, including for external beauty purposes.

I will always remember the day when Luna (an adopted lovingly sister) used a salt scrub to help exfoliate her face. What a surprise!

Salt scrubs turn out to be a beauty secret that people have been using around the world since ancient times. Since she is one of the youngest looking beauties I know, I know it is a result of her incorporating exfoliating scrubs into her lifestyle choices for skincare.

After working for a decade in skincare production and sales, I learned alot about various methods to keeping skin looking and feeling great. I was also someone who suffered from red bumps from waxing, including ingrown hairs, that would never go away. Nothing worked, not even the sugar and salt scrubs that were recommended for me to try at spas and other retail outlets. This left me feeling hopeless about my situation. Then one day, I started using one salt scrub at the store I worked at, and realized I could make it better. And that is where my Canadian innovative experiments with Virtueberry salt scrubs began. In the winter 2015, I began making salt scrubs for others upon custom made requests-then the rest is history.

Years later, a friend once remarked that she also had a beautiful friend who uses exfoliating scrubs for her skin care regimen. No one can tell her age, as she looks much younger than she truly is. This is not to say that exfoliation is the only answer to looking young, but it certainly helps!

Since the beginning, Virtueberry has received requests for different types of custom made blends, and if you find that there is a fragrance or ingredient that you would like to add to a certain salt scrub that is not listed in the store, please contact me and we can possibly make something work:

May we celebrate each other's beauty, inside & out!

To you & your loved ones,

Wishing you true health, happiness & beauty.

Yours Truly,




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