Welcome the 5 Elements in Self Care this Fall

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Beauty can be found in the elements of your surroundings 🌿

Welcome the 5 Elements into your Home - specifically your bathroom

This fall, notice how all the 5 elements of fire, water, wood, earth, and metal can improve the quality of your bath time.

Hope this reminder of the 5 elements inspires you to create more balance and beauty in your life this season. πŸ’• Virtueberry

FireπŸ•―WaterπŸ’§Wood🌲 Earth 🌎 Metal πŸ›

1. Fire  - 火 πŸ•―

Fire brightens and adds warmth to one's surroundings. So surround yourself with the light and warmth of candles around your bath. This will create an atmosphere of peace and serenity; an oasis away from the world.

There are some amazing candle companies out there. Choose soy to beeswax candles that burn clean.

All of the 5 elements are present in this photo. Can you spot them? Alana's Blog.
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'Spa domestic' - Westwingnow.it

2. Water - ζ°΄ πŸ’§

Water can be a soothing element, and without it, we cannot exist. And taking time for baths has always been a self care priority for many.

Try adding some essential oils into your bath to add some aromatherapy to your experience. Some of the best essential oils are organic and pure in quality.

Combining essential oils is wonderful too, like jasmine with vanilla. Or try adding a few drops of lavender, and while soaking in your bath, gently rub your palms together with some Himalayan Rose Salt scrub, and then inhale the healing power of these oils.

3. Wood - 木 🌲

Trees give us wood. Without trees, we wouldn't have oxygen. Nor good books.

If you don't like reading in your bath, perhaps it's because you don't have a bath tray. Wooden bath trays can be bought online or made DIY.

To create more of a bath oasis, bring in some flowers or plants into your bathroom.

4. Earth - 土 🌎

Earth has many interesting aspects to observe in its elemental nature, aside from producing metal to absorbing water.

Add a Virtueberry salt scrub to bring an overall earthy element of self care into your bath oasis. πŸ’•

5. Metal - 金 🎼

Metal bears water.

But also metal carries music through instruments. While drawing your bath, play some calming music nearby through one of your devices.

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Music can bring more harmony to one's surroundings (Pixabay).

May surrounding yourself with the beauty of the 5 elements inspire you to make your home, like your bathroom, an oasis, this fall! πŸ’•πŸ•―πŸ’§πŸŒ² 🌎 πŸ›

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  1. Ms. Janice J. Bird
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    I found you and this website by reading your beautiful article on Etiquette in Epoch news.

    Thank you!!

    • Sarah
      | Reply

      So welcome, Janice! I am honored to have the opportunity to write and inspire! πŸ™

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