Fall 2021 – A Time for Candles and Rose Hips

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Rosehips by Alluringsoul.com - other photos from Pinterest

Fall - Autumn Equinox

A time to harvest

As fall began on September 22, 2021 in the West, the season to harvest roses has shifted from petals to rosehips. It is generally a good time to harvest rosehips up until the winter. Or buy rosehips at a local store or online to add to your lifestyle for health and beauty purposes.

Check out a beautiful blog poston Rose Hips by Herbalist Colleen ('Foraging Rose Hips & Wild Rose: Identification, Harvesting, & Uses') for more inspiration here.

A number one skincare choice for many is to incorporate rosehip seed oil into their daily or weekly routine to take care of face and body. I have personally seen people's scar issues disappear to breakout being reduced as well. It is one of the ingredients that go into most of the Virtueberry salt scrubs, including one of the most popular ones, the Himalayan Rose Salt Scrub.

A more in-depth Virtueberry post on rosehips can be found from last September here.

Virtueberry hopes you keep your skin beautiful, hydrated and exfoliated during this season! And do keep cozy with some candlelight as the darker months approach us.

Rose Hips by fellow herbalistHerbalist Colleen.

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  1. Dr M Trey
    | Reply

    Can’t believe it! Fall is finally here. Thank you for the lovely reminder of all things warm, beautiful, and nourishing at this time of the year. I just posted an articleโ€”nishime burdock umeboshi stewโ€”on my website for one of my favorite dishes, as the cool autumn days are creeping in….

    • Sarah
      | Reply

      You are so welcome. Thanks Dr. Margaret Trey. The Asian stew recipe on your blog is quite fitting for the season, and I hope to try it out sometime soon. It certainly is fascinating to know that this dish helps to ‘heal various skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, and psoriasis’!

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