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Finally Fall 2020 – Rosehips! – A BEAUTY SECRET (see below) I hope you all are taking good care during these uncertain times and cherishing yourselves♥ as well as others♥.  First, a special thanks to Andrea Hayley-Sankaran, for inspiration to write … Read More

Beautiful Lavender

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Uplifting Summer 2020, Issue 3 – The Healing Power of Lavender –   Lavender is a beautiful and purple flowering plant that generously offers so much support to those who love to incorporate it into their lifestyle. I noticed that … Read More

Surprise! Her Salt Beauty Secrets Revealed…

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Photo courtesy of Luna, 2018 (left). Lavender Salt Scrub (right). Post on Instagram In my early 20s, I came to awaken to the healing power of salt, including for external beauty purposes. I will always remember the day when Luna … Read More

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